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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Dog Lovers by Cindy Aldridge (

  • 12 December 2017
  • jgonzalez

It’s that time of year again, and this means getting your holiday wish list in order. If you’re a dog lover and need some great ideas for a gift that relates to your furry family member, here are some suggestions for you and your pooch.


For you!


For dog parents, being away from your furry friend can be a worry.  Even worse is the concern that your dog could slip out and become lost.  Here are a couple ideas for gifts that will provide you with peace of mind.


Dog monitoring cameras

Designed for pet owners to be able to peek in on their dogs while running errands, at work, or on vacation, some systems offer options such as treat dispensing, two-way audio, and wide-angle views.  Here are a couple choices evaluated by Lifewire:


  • The Petcube camera offers live video chat with a wide-angle lens and a built-in laser toy.  It can be accessed by family and friends and allows you to share photos and videos captured by the device.
  • The Furbo dog camera not only permits checking in on your pup, but also allows owners to toss treats to their dogs.  There is a wide-angle lens, two-way chat, and a sound activated sensor to let you know if your pooch is barking.  It also offers dog recognition so you can be notified if it detects unusual activity.


GPS Dog Trackers

These devices incorporate GPS technology into collars and pendants to help dog owners locate their pets quickly should they become lost.  Pet Life Today reviewed various systems and here are a couple of their top picks:


  • Daxin Smart GPS Tracker. This tracker works with Bluetooth and Google Maps to locate your dog within 80 feet.  It comes in several colors and works with Android phones or iPhones.
  • Aribelly PET GPS Tracker Mini. This option comes with a gadget that attaches to your dog’s collar and is accurate within 17 feet.  It has a light you can activate from your phone, allows you to establish a geofence, and gives real-time location.  Available from


For Your Pooch!


Dog bed

Let’s face it, most dogs are couch potatoes.  It can vary somewhat by breed, but according to the AKC, the average dog spends half of every day catching z’s, 30 percent of the day awake but lounging, and the other 20 percent being active.  It only makes sense that dogs will appreciate a comfy bed for snoozing.  Wirecutter has some favorite picks:


  • Casper Dog Mattress. You know those mattresses you can ship to your home in a box?  They make a version for dogs, too.  It’s aesthetically pleasing, comes in three sizes and colors, is made from high quality materials and is easy to assemble and care for.  Top it all off with a 100-day trial period, and you can send it back if your pup doesn’t approve.
  • The Majestic Pet Products Suede Bagel Dog Bed. This bed is designed for dogs to snuggle into.  It’s soft, relatively inexpensive, comes in several sizes and colors, and is reasonably easy to clean.
  • Midwest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed. This is a nice choice for dogs who are crated.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is entirely machine washable.
  • K & H Original Pet Cot. If your dog spends time outside, in a kennel or in another environment that is especially warm, this is a nice choice.  Reviewers found it sturdy and easy to assemble, and it’s available in four sizes and three attractive color combinations.


Be sure to pass this list along to those looking for the right present for you this season.  Receiving a gift that will give you peace of mind or promote your dog’s comfort will make this Christmas the best ever!